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2017 YZ250FX Specs and Price

Yamaha has kept on pushing the envelope as the main Japanese make to offer an assortment of shut course rivalry rough terrain bikes. Their lineup incorporates the YZ250X (two-stroke), YZ250FX, and YZ450FX; all of which are considered by Yamaha to be GNCC/woods-prepared racers, based off of their lead motocross models. For our underlying impressions of these models, the Dirt Rider group took off to our proving grounds with a specific end goal to take in more about what the Yamaha YZ-X cruisers bring to the table.

2017 YZ250FX Specs and Price

2017 YZ250FX Specs and Price

Based off of the effectively overwhelming YZ250F motocross machine, the FX has been extraordinarily enhanced for 2017. A large group of changes beauty this cruiser for the new year, which highlight general power yield, smoother grip and moving execution, and enhanced strength, cornering, and footing.

2017 YZ250FX  Features:

Creative Hare Scramble/GNCC® Engine Design

  • In light of the title winning YZ250F™, highlighting Yamaha’s progressive rearward inclined, fluid cooled, DOHC 4-stroke control plant with forward-situated straight downdraft symmetrical admission, and with an additional 6th apparatus and wide proportion transmission, the YZ250FX™ is an “out-of-the-crate” Hare Scrambles/GNCC® rivalry machine.

Refreshed Engine

  • The all-new motor depends on the 2017 YZ250F, and incorporates a wide assortment of updates: an all-new barrel head, lightweight fashioned, two-ring, level top cylinder; a shorter, more tough cylinder stick with precious stone like carbon (DLC) covering; a reexamined cylinder oil fly, and all-new interfacing bar, crankshaft, and counterbalancer plans. Together, these updates enhance top power, control conveyance and general sturdiness.

6-Speed Transmission

  • A wide-proportion 6-speed transmission is utilized to protect the correct apparatus is accessible for the wide assortment of territory found in crosscountry dashing.

New Chassis

  • Almost the same reciprocal shaft outline that is found on the title winning YZ250F is utilized on the YZ250FX. Changes for 2017 incorporate an all new manufactured area at the swingarm turn, and reconsidered motor mounting sections for agile lightweight feeling in the tight specialized territory while as yet giving security in quick areas.

Propelled Suspension

  • Industry-driving, completely movable KYB® spring-sort fork with speed delicate damping highlights changed valving for enhanced suspension feel and adjust. The linkage sort raise suspension includes a KYB raise stun with refreshed settings upgraded for crosscountry dashing.

Crosscountry Features

  • With the electric beginning framework, a 2-gallon fuel tank, tough plastic slip plate, 18-inch raise haggle hustling tires, the YZ250FX is prepared to win ideal out of the crate.

2017 YZ250FX  New for 2017:

2017 YZ250FX Specs Engine

2017 YZ250FX Specs and Price

New Cylinder Head and Intake System

  • The minimal four-valve barrel head highlights updated consumption geometry for extra downdraft impact, coordinated to shorter admission channel in the airbox, for enhanced top-end control. Inside the head, more forceful camshaft profiles and valve springs support yield assist, while bigger valve seats guarantee brilliant fixing and unwavering quality.

New Piston

  • Another lightweight produced two-ring cylinder utilizes a level cylinder crown surface with extra reinforcing ribs and a shorter, more sturdy cylinder stick with jewel like carbon (DLC) covering. The new cylinder is lighter, essentially more grounded and together with amended EFI mapping, enhances ignition execution for a speedier, more intensive smolder, bringing about fantastic pulling power.

New Crank and Connecting Rod

  • Streamlined crankshaft and counterbalancer outlines include a modified adjust proportion, prescient power conveyance and diminished vibration. Another nickel-chromoly steel associating bar offers extra sturdiness to deal with the expanded power yield.

More grounded Crankcase

  • The crankcase highlights another warmth treating procedure to expand quality, for assurance, the casing respects the expansion of a rough plastic slip plate.

New 270mm Front Brake

  • 270mm front circle (up from 250mm) brake combined with new cushion material offers extraordinary braking force and execution.

Reconsidered Suspension Systems

  • Both front and back dampers highlight improved settings for 2017 to further lift general suspension execution, while the front fork uses a more grounded oil seal framework for upgraded sturdiness in the hardest conditions.

Refreshed Indicators

  • Because of another WR®-style fuel level sensor in the tank, the 2017 YZ250FX incorporates a helpful fuel level and motor cautioning marker on the handlebar.

2017 YZ250FX  Motor:

Extraordinary Engine Tuning

  • The progressive, rearward inclined, superior fluid cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, fuel-infused motor has been tuned to challenge for race triumphs in the extremely aggressive GNCC® and Hare Scrambles race arrangement.

Mass-Centralized Powerplant

  • The position of the motor moves the rotational mass of the cams towards the focal point of the bicycle which takes into account a straight shot, down draft admission and straight fumes port for augmented motor execution. Extra, this format keeps the air put away high, out of tidy and mud/water.

Fuel Injection

  • The fuel infusion framework utilizes 3D mapped electronic control for the fuel and start timing that are enhanced for crosscountry dashing.

6-Speed Gearbox

  • A wide-proportion 6-speed transmission is utilized to safeguard the correct apparatus is accessible for the wide assortment of territory found in crosscountry hustling.

Electric Start

  • Push catch electric begin makes beginning the YZ250FX simple and advantageous.

2017 YZ250FX  Skeleton/Suspension:

2017 YZ250FX Test Drive

2017 YZ250FX Test Drive

Light and Strong Aluminum Frame

  • An all-aluminum reciprocal shaft outline like the YZ250F gives quality, softness and toughness for race conditions, and for 2017 accompanies a rough plastic slide plate.

Propelled Suspension

  • Industry most loved KYB® completely movable spring-sort forks with speed touchy damping and Kashima Coat™ and a KYB® raise stun, additionally with Kashima Coat™ and including a vast 50mm cylinder. Both the fork and back stun are tuned particularly for crosscountry hustling, with refreshed fork seals for enhanced solidness in cruel conditions.

Reason Built Tires

Unique crosscountry hustling Dunlop® AT81 tires are utilized to expand footing while conveying fantastic wear.

2017 YZ250FX  Extra Features:

GYTR® Power Tuner Ready

  • Adornment GYTR Power Tuner gives proprietors a chance to alter air/fuel blend and start timing maps to match motor execution attributes to the rider and race conditions in a matter of seconds with the push of a couple catches.

Down to earth Touches

  • Fast alter grip, wide 55mm stage footpegs, four-position elastic mounted handlebar braces, aluminum handlebars, and a side stand are standard for included rider accommodation. The YZ250FX is likewise pre-wired for a discretionary radiator fan for the most tiresome conditions.

Simple Servicing

  • Upgraded air cleaner cover forestalls contact with the speedy discharge quarter-turn Dzus® air box latches for device less access to the air channel.

Fixed O-ring Chain

  • Top notch O-ring chain is extreme and tough.

2017 YZ250FX Price

The YZ250FX retails for $7,999, making it the most costly 4-stroke motocross bicycle of 2017. It comes furnished with a 250cc motor, which is normal size for a 4-stroke engine. Its seat marks 38 creeps off the ground, which is one of the most elevated seats on a soil bicycle and might challenge for shorter riders to utilize. The 2 gallon fuel tank is 8.1% bigger than normal in this class, permitting the YZ250FX to outlive contenders.