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2018 SNOSCOOT Specs, Price and Reviews

2018 SNOSCOOT Specs, Price and Reviews– In 1988, Yamaha stunned the snowmobile world with the arrival of the Yamaha SnoScoot. It was a sled pointed towards the adolescent planning to produce new riders and acquaint them with the game. A 80cc 2-stroke motor and tubular casing made it both light and a good time for littler riders. In 2018, (which just so happens to be Yamaha’s 50th Anniversary) they are giving a full re-birth to the notorious youth sled.

The 2018 SnoScoot is a stage up from a 120cc youth snowmobile. It includes a bigger body, 200cc 4-stroke motor with 9.1 HP @ 5400 RPM, twofold An arm front suspension, water powered plate brakes, a 10″ X 90″ Camso Cobra track with 1″ hauls, and a full processing plant guarantee.

Yamaha is meaning to achieve a similar result the first 1988 SnoScoot did by drawing in new youthful riders to our game and also set up a “Stage Up” structure. Ideally like what they do in the earth bicycle world with the YZ85, YZ125, YZ250, and so forth. We have been feeling the loss of this structure for quite a while and offer praise to Yamaha for venturing up to the plate to fill this hole. Youthful riders are critical to our game and are significant to continuing snowmobiling alive for eras to come.

Presently, while we are extremely energized for the children to ride these new SnoScoots, we must be totally legit… We are more eager to ride these ourselves! We’ve had the opportunity to ride these little folks and it’s about as near a pit bicycle as you can get in snowmobiling. They hop, sidehill, and wheelie like a full size sled. A couple of these in the lawn with a few pals would be an impact.

2018 SNOSCOOT Beat Features:

2018 SNOSCOOT Specs, Price and Reviews

2018 SNOSCOOT Specs, Price and Reviews

Yamaha 200cc 4-stir Engine

  • The tried and true Yamaha fan-cooled engine has been built for the SnoScoot utilizing a high volume carburetor, stomach fuel pump and exceptional cam shaft. Past slug evidence unwavering quality – A simple draw pull back starter and calm operation are likewise imperative components for youthful riders.

Expansive Fuel Tank

  • A liberal 2.1 Gal/8 liter gas tank joined with the stingy fuel utilization of the productive 4-stroke motor will keep your little sled-take off entryways getting a charge out of sensational hours between pit stops.

Since quite a while ago Tapered Tunnel

  • The new SnoScoot uses a long, lightweight aluminum burrow. It is very much decreased up towards the back for a lot of leeway. This empowers the SnoScoot to get out and play in the profound snow.

Cobra Track

  • The SnoScoot has abundant footing and buoyancy on account of its 93 x 10 x 1.0 inch hauled Cobra track. This new track bears an extraordinary harmony between hard pack readiness and new snow capacity.


  • The hot look of the new SnoScoot is ensured to interest the youthful shredder. Taking its styling signals from our full size execution machines, the new SnoScoot is presently the envy of the school yard.

2018 SNOSCOOT Execution:

High Output Magneto

  • Yamaha ensured there is a lot of electrical power in the SnoScoot for its splendid ‘trail lawful’ lighting framework, toasty hand warmers and select choices like an advantageous electric starter.

CVT Drive System

  • The SnoScoot’s Performance profits by an immediate drive, CVT with a lot of rigging proportion provided through a solid elastic drive belt and variable pulley transmission.

Water powered Disk Brake

  • The SnoScoot highlights a lightweight Hayes Hydraulic Disk brake to give simple operation positive halting energy to the track.

Electronic Rev Limiter

  • The 200cc motor has an electronic rev limiter to ensure the most extreme solid RPM is never surpassed to guarantee long motor life and safe operation.

Transistorized Ignition

  • A completely transistorized electronic start guarantees dependable begins and unlimited hours of support free operation.

2018 SNOSCOOT Dealing with:

2018 SNOSCOOT Specs, Price and Reviews

2018 SNOSCOOT Specs, Price and Reviews

Wishbone Front Suspension

  • Twofold wishbone front suspension serves up 4.5 crawls of go with a 30.5 inch ski position giving the SnoScoot a lot of strength and ride comfort.

Long Steering Post With Riser

  • The controlling framework is laid out to offer an extensive variety of seating positions to suit different size riders. The scandalous handle bar riser, adds another component to the look and feel that compliments the general ergonomics.

Torsion Spring Rear Suspension

  • A preload customizable torsion spring and water powered safeguard deal with the slide rail raise suspension obligations presenting 4.5 creeps of vertical rail travel.

NEW Plastic Ski

  • Yamaha planned another, lightweight plastic ski for the SnoScoot in light of the size and weight of the littler undercarriage. It furnishes fantastic directing character with simply the perfect measure of buoy for play in the delicate stuff.

Front Suspension Geometry

  • New axles and An arms have been composed with geometry to help keep the controlling exertion low and Handling exact.

2018 SNOSCOOT Comfort:

Trail Certified Headlight

  • A splendid 55/65 watt globule, illuminates the best approach to ensure the SnoScoot rider can see and be seen. Meeting the worldwide consistence particulars for open trail utilize.

TORS Throttle Override

  • A throttle abrogate framework is added to ensure the RPM comes back to sit without moving in case of anything influencing the typical operation of the link to carburetor throttle framework.

Hand And Thumb Warmers

  • Guardians all realize that frosty hands can stop a child’s day. The new SnoScoot highlights standard warmed grasps to augment the good times.

Front And Rear Bumpers

  • These convenient things are an absolute necessity have highlight shielding the frame from sudden knocks and blasts. They additionally gone to the guide when the need to pull around either end of the machine is required.


  • The etched mid tallness wind redirector strikes a pleasant harmony amongst capacity and awesome looks held just the same as the snow vanquishing SnoScoot.